Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A lesser form of love?

I was going to write a piece about how I am always touched by the beautiful gestures made by my wife and children and how this was an example of kindness at home. I then got wrapped up in a debate with I as to whether it was love or kindness or both. I guess if it is within your family it has to be actions born out of love which in turn could be construed as kindness. But then again how can it be kindness if these gestures are what you would expect to deal and be dealt in relationships of mutual love? I never considered this and why should I? Maybe kindness is a lesser form of love given to those who do not expect it.

Am I surprised that I have not received any stories of kindness from my friends and my Twitter postings? The answer is I really don't know. My sister summed it up nicely when she said
"Wow, good story - i must admit if that happened to me i would be very sceptical about why a stranger would want to loan me his car - was it stolen , was he after something else?
So truly he was kind - which i must admit is a bit strange these days.
Trying to think of any acts of kindness that anyone has ever done for me or to anyone i know - can't think of anything at the moment - will of course let you know if i remember anything.
nice one!"

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