Sunday, 28 June 2009

Maverick Woman

Following on from yesterday's post I entered today with a feeling that I can only describe as euphoria. Its that feeling when a million things go through your mind at the same time, all positive, sending many waves of back-of-the-neck shivers.

Today I decided to post yet another "looking for an example of kindness " Tweet. I must have sent 30 of these messages out into the Twitter universe and received one example of kindness back. This is despite several of the Tweeters who I communicate with on a daily basis re-tweeting this for me. In fact I had not received any communication from anyone other than people I regularly speak to.

I knew today would be different. Sometimes when the back of my neck is tingling I truly believe anything can happen. Lo and behold, shortly after posting the tweet I received a message from Maverick Woman who has 2,500 followers and is following 2,700 people.

My followers, this post touched me. I recommend take a look at @byyanto: and his quest for kindness - also @crazycolumbian

Now I follow over 600 people and its hard to take stock of all the tweets I get so I hesitate to imagine how many messages she must get. I was genuinely moved that someone like her would contact me. Anyway, I replied as I always do thinking that was that but she didn't stop there. Over the course of the next 3 hours she sent out 7 further tweets in various forms to try and encourage her followers to help. I was so grateful to receive help from a networking professional who got where I was coming from. In my world it is great to open the door but to stride right through and sit at the table is more than I would expect from a first contact.

I guess that my original mental block with marketeers and networkers was very wrong. What I should have realised was that the skills that these people have, if coupled to my message would could be very powerful indeed. I look back on the cull of followers I conducted a few weeks back with regret. I am at best impulsive, judgemental and opinionated, just the right qualities for someone seeking examples of kindness! I am, however, learning daily.

Again I have been proved wrong but I'm kind of liking it. Again I am humbled by the help offerded to me by a stranger. I asked her for a quote for this piece and she said.

‘whenever you give kindness to someone else without expectation, the kharma circles back in the most unexpected ways’

When I started this blog, I expected to collect a number of experiences that people had and present them. Now I truly believe that if enough people can inspire kind actions from others, we can actually make a difference. I have started to be introduced to others that are thinking the same way as me. Maybe we can start something good together.


  1. I have always liked to think that 'you reap what you sow' and that those who spread good things (kindness, consideration, respect for others etc) will receive those things in return. I also like to think that those who act to the detriment of others will eventually get their come-uppance. Good luck on your quest and I will refer any examples I stumble across to you

  2. It's the snowball effect, at the moment just a little snowflake but give it time, and you'll have an ever increasing snowball.....