Saturday, 12 September 2009

Living on no money and stranger's kindness

I had run out of examples of kindness to post when I cam across this article from the BBC's website. Living on no money and strangers' kindness

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  1. What a great story and all for the good cause of water conservation. I love this kind of thing.

    For me kindness can be so simple. For example I got off the train with my six month old baby and forgot about the huge number of stairs I would have to climb with buggy. It was dark, cold and he was whimpering a little getting ready for a cry because he was hungry.

    I was just beginning to prepare my self when two teenagers (you know the type - hoods up, baggy jean bottoms and barely broken voices) stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned towards me. "Mrs, do want a hand...?"

    I could have kissed them. So baby was carried up the stairs in an act of kindness!.