Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Contrasting kindness from high street brands

My son who is eight has enthusiastically followed his sisters into the world of modelling, with no small measure of success. In fact last week he had two jobs lined up. One for a budget retailer QS Group on Thursday and for a very well known premium high street brand on Friday.

We had been kept well informed as to what was expected of us and the schedule we would undertake by QS but had received nothing from other job.

Thursday came and we travelled to Nottingham to a very light and airy studio in the Lenton area. The only downside was the mini heat wave we were experiencing which obviously made the job harder for all involved. That said, the team from QS really seemed to understand working with children and genuinely looked as if they enjoyed it. In fact one of the team, Simon, spent the best part of four hours playing games with and generally keeping the three children who were at the shoot in a happy frame of mind. The four hours soon passed by and all of the children really seemed to enjoy themselves. In fact my son commented that he didn't realise that he had been working! He also took great pride in telling everyone he had a job the following day as well.

I was getting concerned by this point that we had still not heard about the Friday shoot and it was 3pm by this time. At 4.30pm we were told that he was no longer required . No explanation, no apology. We told Sonny and he quietly went and sat in a corner on his own. I knew he wanted to cry but he's a brave little soul.

Well in my world of rights and wrongs, you just cannot mess with young children like this. They need to be made safe and secure in their world and if they are to suffer rejection it is preferable to at least give them the courtesy of a bit more time. I know kids get over things but that is not the point.

We received a very nice email from James, the head of marketing at QS saying what a pleasure it had been to work with Sonny. That made his day.

I thank James, Simon and the rest of the QS Group team. I thank James for his email. He didn't need to do that and it was a kind thing to do.

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