Friday, 24 July 2009

Examples from the Stylezeitgeist Community Part 1

I am happy belong to a community at They are a group of individuals who are passionate about technically brilliant and spiritually dark clothing from labels such as Carl Christian Poell, Rick Owens, Julius etc, Typically the members are young, professional and spend a LOT of money on attire. Although there were no related threads I thought I would see if I could get any examples of kindness from them. I was very happy to receive many examples almost immediately which says so much for that community and why I am happy to be part of it. The first comes from a senior member who goes by the ident CRZ and is from Sydney.

I have heard a lot of stories from friends and family in relation to random acts of kindness, and have had the privilege of helping other people.

A friend was telling me, that one time at a petrol station/gas station, he had filled up his car full tank (expensive these days), he went inside and to the counter told the attendant which pump he was at, and had a pleasant shocked. The attendant pointed to a guy outside who was getting into his car, and said "he already payed for you". He was really surprised, he never met or even saw that guy before. So now, whenever my friend fills up at the pump and has extra money he does the same for other people.

Another story: i used to do contract work around the sydney CBD and caught the train everyday for about an hour. i used to buy 'day tripper' tickets (these were fully reimbursed by my company) , which allowed travel anywhere (on train, bus, ferry) all day. used to start early in the morning (5-6am) and get back to my train station around mid-afternoon. so, at this point i had no use for the ticket for the rest of the day, so i used to give it to people who were about to buy a ticket and 'looked like' they could use the help. a ticket is only $5-10 or so, but i guess it helps!

Ok last one: as i said, i used to catch the train everday, and occasionally stop off different stations depending on where i was working that day. i got off at a station that was at the time under a lot of construction. it was a really busy morning, and i was running late by 10-20 mins, but i saw a blind man, and it was obvious he wasnt used to the train station/platform due to the renovations/construction work going along everywhere. i was checking my watch, cos i hate being late. i was really in two worlds whether to help or not, thinking "he'll be ok"..but i sorta followed him, seeing if he was ok, but after a couple minutes it really was apparent that he was having difficulty. so i approached him, and asked him where he was going. he described the place, which i knew, and it turns out he was going the totally opposite way. so for the first time in my life, i was leading a blind man (he was holding on to my shoulder), and it really did feel good to help. looking back, i havnt ever been in the same situation, it didnt matter if i was late.
i tell this in all humbleness, and hope that people in this world could make a difference in another persons life, no matter how small it may be. "be the difference that makes a difference"

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