Sunday, 26 July 2009

My daughter amazes me.

The thing I love most about my kids is their ability to completely astound me. Take this morning. Biba 7 and Betty 5 had spent the first three hours of the morning shouting at each other. This is not an uncommon occurrence. We then did our usual thing of going to the local car boot sale. We did not anticipate how cold it was going to be as it has been reasonably warm over the last few days. Betty was shivering and complaining how cold she was. Biba immediately took off her jacket and gave it to Betty, leaving her with just a T shirt on. She said that Betty's needs were greater than hers. It's things like this that make my life so much richer.


  1. That's lovely. Biba is clearly a very kind and giving girl. Very cute.

  2. Lovely girls. A credit to you. Its nice to know that for all the arguing kids do, when it comes down to it they will always look out for each other. Its is lovely for kids to have siblings.